Monday, November 21, 2016


Continuing on with my effort of trying to get back into the blogging world...

Its vacation from school in Honduras.  From now until February we have four girls who aren't doing much just hanging around the house.  Please read... recipe for disaster.  Like any teenagers, they need to be kept busy and have things to do otherwise the petty fights and disagreement begin to mount.  So we've started off vacation with morning devotionals to make sure everyone is up and ready at a reasonable hour and start the days off focused on whats really important!

Today I was almost in tears after devotional because we started talking about how our two oldest girls really need to be working.  They have looked for work and left tons of resumes, but no one wants to hire them because they don't have experience.  Well, you can't have experience if you never work.  They are discouraged and ready to quit trying.  Its just not a city where you can find a job if you're willing to do whatever, there is so much unemployment and people want you to have finished high school to fry chicken in the kitchen at a hole in the wall restaurant.  Its hard to find a chance... an opportunity to get started.

P is going to try to start nursing school in February which would give her a much better chance of work upon graduation.  However, we have told her she has to work in the meantime and pay for half of her studies so that she makes the investment.  And yet... work is illusive.  In the meantime, she is learning and gathering nursing experience at the clinic.  Please pray for her to find a job!

And then there is K.  She is the one who had me in tears as the tears streamed down her face as we talked.  Let just say that Hondurans don't pride themselves on being equal opportunity employers.  She has a problem with her eye and its evident when you look at her.  And no one will give her a second look for a job because of it.  I tell her all the time if she can just get a job, any job, that person will never want to lose her because she is the hardest worker that I know!  She can learn anything, do anything, and will do it 100% to the best of her ability for as long as she needs to.  She is amazing and has so much to offer, but isn't even given a chance.  And its hard to go look for jobs and put yourself through rejection after rejection.  And we have been trying to help her learn a job skill... she was learning sewing but because of her vision problems ended up with daily migraines trying to stare at tiny stitches all day.  And we put her beauty school but because she didn't start school until age 15, she is behind in reading and writing and couldn't keep up with all the writing from the board, so the teacher wouldn't let her stay.  She is now 20, has made it through 6th grade, and is a fighter.  She would like to learn how to make and decorate cakes and pastries because she could start a home business, but I can't find anyone to teach her.  Can you just pray?  Pray that she wouldn't be discouraged watching other girls come and go from the home as she struggles to know what her future will hold.  Pray for us to know how to love and encourage her and push her as necessary.

These girls are our family.  They are daughters to me and I love them dearly.  I want them to succeed and I want to help!  And sometimes its just so hard to be wise in a culture that almost 6 years later I still don't understand fully.  Just pray for God's provision, its what they need!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

PDE video

Friends of PDE...
We need your help!  We need you to help spread the word about PDE.  We are in need of monthly and one-time support and are feeling the burden of having to make decisions about whether or not to accept new girls based on our budget situation.  We have a 16 year old pregnant girl that we would love to bring to the home right now, but we don't have the $400/month needed to make that happen.  So please, consider showing this video to your friends and family and being an advocate for us to raise the money that we so desperately need!

This video tells Claudia's story beautifully.  And in conclusion, she has now moved out of the home and is working full-time as a stylist in a local salon, supporting her little boy, Alexis, and growing in her love for Jesus.  God is so so good!!!!

Door of Hope -- Puerta de Esperanza from MTW on Vimeo.

New House Mom

We need your prayers!

In September Doña Oneyda (pictured in the middle) stopped working with PDE for personal reasons, especially health related. She had been with us from day 1 and is the primary mom figure in the lives of most of the girls who have come through the home in the last 4.5 years. We really miss her, but are thankful that she was able to come on Saturday to celebrate birthdays with us and enjoy some PDE family time! She is still suffering from intense migraines daily and the doctors have not been able to figure out what is wrong. Can you please pray for her healing and wisdom for her doctors?

Also, in light of that, Cristina has been working a lot more and we have been unable to find another house mom to work with her. We thought we had someone this week, but it fell through. A good friend of mine had been helping for a time, but it now unavailable. We need someone ASAP so that Cristina doesn´t get burnt out as the job is not an easy one! Please, please pray that God provides the right person quickly!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dependence and Faith

I titled this post Dependence and Faith because I feel like that is exactly where God has me at the moment.  I know I just sent out a newsletter and its record-breaking for me to send out something else so soon, but we are in need.  It seems to happen every time I get comfortable... every time I seem to think that I´ve got this support raising thing under control and we´re living with a nice buffer.  I was excited about my trip in September because I felt like I was going into it ahead.  We needed to raise money, but it wasn´t as desperate of a situation as it has been in the past.  But then I started to look over numbers and it just so happened that this month of September there isn´t enough money to make it to the end of the month!

Things happen with supporters over time that are normal.  We pick up new people and some people can´t give anymore.  But I tend to believe that support raising has a lot more to do with what God is teaching me.

The ministry of Puerta de Esperanza belongs to the Lord!  He started it and is using it and is changing hearts and drawing people to Himself.  And He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  If he wanted us to be fully funded, we would be.  But instead He allows us to feel needy to know that we need His provision, we need Him to open doors and provide partners.  We need to pray and we need to trust.  And we need to give our worries over to Him.

And we need a community.  We cannot do this ministry in a vacuum.  We need others to pray and labor alongside of us, even if they never meet these girls in person.  We need the church to hold us up monetarily, emotionally, and prayerfully.  We need those encouraging emails when it has been a hard month.  We need to be reminded that we do not labor in vain.  And we need others´ monetary investment to make this ministry possible.

So, trusting that it is the Lord that provides, I am doing my part to be  faithful and ask.  Could it be that He wants to use you to answer our financial needs at this time?  Could you give a one-time gift?  Could you give monthly however great or small?  Please consider it because now is the time... we have great need and we trust that God will use some of you who read this to answer it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

When things are hard

Sometimes things are hard.  No amount of correction or conversation or counseling seems to make them better.  Sometimes poor behavior comes from deep seated wounds from the past that keep getting brought to the forefront time and time again.  Sometimes when you are a young girl trying to have a normal life, you just want to be left alone.

There past few weeks have been really hard with one of our girls.  I can't share too many details out of respect for her privacy, but its been rough.  She has a past that I can't even imagine and a story that is really just hard.  Her circumstances have left her feeling alone.  And its a loneliness where you just feel like somebody should be on your side, somebody should have stood up for you, somebody should have protected you.  And its true.  What kind of mom lets the things happen that happen to her?  Well... maybe a mom who has no choice?  I don't know... everything in me wants to just be angry at her family for letting things get so bad... but I wasn't there and I don't know what else was going on... and yet... sigh.

This girl has suffered and continue to have to deal with things over and over again as her past just hasn't left her in peace.  And now she is trying to be a high school student, and a mom, and a normal kid who likes to do normal kid things... and she cannot seem to find the balance.  And her behavior shows that.  So she is frustrated.  She doesn't want to act so poorly, but it seems to just happen.  And then she loses more privileges or makes people frustrated and it seems to make it worse.

And then there we are, the leadership, trying to know how to help.  Some behaviors can't be overlooked or excused.  Others we can work with.  She is seeing a counselor, but these things take time.  She is starting medication, but these things take time.  And in the meantime, what?!?  Day after frustrating day of trying to push for change...

But Jesus.  That's the answer.  These days have been really hard and seem to not be getting much better.  But Jesus has the answer, He is the answer.  So we pray.  And we trust.  And we give her over to Him.  Because no amount of counseling or medication or conversation or discipline is going to mend the wounds that are deep in her heart.  And we ask for wisdom to be people of grace in her life who know when to show tough love and when to just give hugs and cry for a little while.  And we read her Scripture and we use every ounce of patience God gives us to show her that we are on her side.  And not only that, but God is on her side.  He loves her and gave His son for her so that she can be free to have a different life.  She doesn't have to be stuck in pain and the consequences of sin forever.  There is freedom and joy and life on the other side!

Please continue to pray with us for all of these things.  Pray for healing that only Jesus can bring and an outpouring of Godly love from us to her.  Pray that she would not just know about Jesus, but that she would know Him as her dearest friend and cling to Him alone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Commitment to Purity

Last Friday night we were able to celebrate with 7 girls as they made commitments to honor the Lord with their purity!  It was such a beautiful picture of grace as we see the Lord redeeming their past!  Each of these 7 women is already a mother... 4 of our current girls, one house mom, one former PDE girl, and one of my nieces.

Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.  Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

One of the best parts of the night was being surrounded by our PDE family.  Although Aurora and Jennifer no longer work at the home and Beti and Carolina have moved out, they were all there supporting their sisters and friends as they made this big decision!  God has really blessed us with a family... and we are thankful! 

Pray for our girls who weren't ready to make this decision yet.  We are asking the Lord to keep working in big ways in their lives!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I am so proud of all four of our current PDE girls. Next Friday night they will each stand up in front of their church body and make a purity commitment before the Lord to wait until marriage. We have had some great conversations this week as we´ve been looking up Scripture for each of them to have a verse engraved in their ring. I trust that they all understand this commitment and are ready for it! In the midst of a culture where marriage is the exception, not the norm, this is a really big deal. Their families will think its weird and unnecessary to get married and there are not many men who want to make that lifetime commitment. So pray for each one of them and for their future husbands should the Lord so see fit. I pray for each of them to get married one day to a Godly man who will love them and their children well.
We have gotten each of them a ring to wear engraved with a verse specific to them and the date of their commitment. Each ring cost about $25 and this is an extra expense for us this month. If anyone would like to cover that $100 for this important occasion, please let me know!