Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Not even crayons

I must have looked at our paperwork a dozen times over the last few days.  Piles and piles of papers and checklists and pictures and passports.  Even once we were in the capital city I pulled out the file a few times, just to make sure the passports hadn't dissapeared!  It is so nerve-wracking to think that because of one missing paper this whole process could stall out again or put us off for months.

Before we went into the embassy we just prayed as a family that whatever God wanted for us would be clear and that we would be at peace with His will for us.  A hard thing to pray when you are planning and counting on a certain response.  But I loved knowing that my kids are learning to put things in God's hands and to trust His answer.  And they kept praying while we were inside, although I didn't know it until later.  Angel said every time he felt nervous, he prayed again for God to do what was best for us as a family.

And we sat.  And we waited.  From 6:30am until they finally called our name at 10:00, we waited.  They confiscated our crayons and coloring book designed to keep kids sane and the snack machine only accepted small bills, which I didn't really have.  So the kids split one small bag of chips for breakfast and we waited.

They accepted all of our paperwork, and I breathed a deep sigh of relief!  We weren't missing anything!  In fact, we had more than we needed.  The man was really kind and patient and helped make it less stressful.  Once the papers were gathered he sent us back to our seats... to wait again.

Then we went in to the interview.  All of us were nervous as we entered that room and waited as he asked a few questions and typed things into the computer.  And then we heard the words, your residency is approved!!!!!!!!!!!  There are no words for the relief that I felt and the joy that I saw in the kids' faces.  As we left the room they were literally jumping up and down!

Andres thought we were going on a plane yesterday and was dissapointed at every stop on the 7 hour drive home that we weren't at the airport.  No amount of explaining can help him understand that we have things to do before we can leave.  The kid is just ready to fly!

But there were also some tears and saddness for all of us as the reality set in that goodbyes are near and we will soon be leaving the place that we call home.  Its incredible how one can feel such joy and sadness all at the same time.  But we know now with clarity that this is the journey that God is taking our family on and He is the one who goes before us and holds us in His hands.    My theme verse for when I moved to Honduras will become my theme as we move our family to NC.

He is before all things and in His all things hold together!  Colossians 1:17


  1. Hallelujah from North Carolina!!!

  2. Praise the Lord what wonderful news!!

  3. That is so super exciting my friend! So grateful for this answer to prayer!